Combining art and research 

Our position: combining art and research

We will explore this “contemporary urban issue” by focusing on the field of mobilities, based both on how our use of space changes our relationship to the territory and the environment, urban symbolism and people’s everyday experiences (Kaufmann, 2008; Stock, 2006; Bailleul and Feildel, 2011; Blanc, 2012) and how they change in these territories and reveal to us about social and environmental issues (Depeau and Ramadier, 2011).

Whether we take society in motion from the standpoint of research-action or the arts, the hybridization taking place in the form of borrowing and sharing, the reinvention of paradigms or the methods used in the production of knowledge about urban territories, it is not uncommon to find terms from the social sciences like “course,” “transition” or “map” in artistic circles, and vice versa. From this observation was born the idea of a research school that seeks to promote and structure the relationship between the social sciences and humanities and the arts. It’s about understanding how to cooperate and build knowledge.

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Publié dans Enjeux scientifiques

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